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CCCTC programs prepare students with skills required for success in the workplace.  many businesses in the area partner with the CCCTC to provide internship experiences for our students.

            Career Connections is part of a national effort to best prepare student for “life after high school.”  Career Connections links students, schools and workplaces to provide students with credentials, experiences, and skills to help transition to further education, careers, and adulthood; in another word; internships.  Student are placed with employers according to aptitude, ability, interest and completer program.  Students gain real world job skills, and strong connections to careers. Businesses gain better employees and increased productivity.

            Students’ participating in Career Connections receive education that extends beyond the classroom.  Students not only acquire specific career related experiences and skills; they also gain skills necessary for any career, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication; just to name a few.  Students receive a grade, (this is a class) and experience in their career field.  The internship is also listed on their transcript. 

            Career related internships are available to students recommended by their CCCTC instructor upon completion of their CCCTC program.  All students must meet basic criteria regarding grades, attendance, service hours, and required High School tests. 

            Interested students need to meet with the Career Connections Coordinator to determine if they meet the required criteria to begin the application process.  Student applications must also be approved by the principal.