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Report Absence

At CCCTC we stress professionalism and career readiness.  That makes attendance at CCCTC unique.

Notification Procedures

Absence Due to Sickness

  1. Contact Home High School.
  2. Contact the Carroll County Career and Tech Center as well. 

Absences may be verified by a parent or guardian using the following options 

  • Written note
  • E-mail sent to     
  • Call to 410-751-3669
  • Fax to 410-751-3677                                                                                                  

Communication with Parents to Verify Absences

  1. Please note that the parent or guardian may be called to verify the authenticity of the e-mail, note, or fax.
  2. We will attempt to contact parents via School Messenger if we have not received communication by the specified time.

Late Arrivals

All students arriving at CCCTC after the designated time need to report to the CCCTC office to sign in and receive a pass.

Early Dismissal

  1. Students requesting an early dismissal during CCCTC class time must obtain an early dismissal pass from the CCCTC office. 
  2. Students must sign out at the front office when they leave.
  3. Students returning during the same session, need to report directly to the office to sign back in and receive a pass.

College Visits

Juniors and Seniors will be allowed three days for college visits with no absence charged, provided that written notification from a parent has been submitted prior to the visit. 

The Maryland State Board of Education has established attendance standards for schools and expects a MINIMUM satisfactory standard of 94% daily average attendance. The excellent standard is 96%.

CCCTC follows the Carroll County Student/Parent Handbook's high school regulations regarding attendance. A pattern of unexcused lateness may result in disciplinary action by the school administrator. Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 410-751-3669.

*Please see home high school's website for further information regarding attendance. 

Unique Attendance Issues

  1. Since students attend the CCCTC programs, usually for 2 to 4 mods each day, the total time missed from a program is considerably more than the time missed in a regular, one mod class at the home high schools.  PLEASE NOTE: Students who regularly miss more than 5 days per semester (or 6%)  at their home high school may find it much harder to stay up with the work at the CCCTC because of this considerable difference.
  2. Students, who do not pass a class in their program, cannot return for future parts of the program.  
  3. Part of a student's grade is based on work in the shops, real-life experience, and use of industrial equipment that CANNOT be duplicated at home.
  4. Professional standards and competencies are emphasized to prepare students for the world of work.  Attendance is included in those standards.
  5. Many programs such as Cosmetology and Nursing require a certain amount of documented hours of experience to achieve industry certification through the Maryland State Board.  These are Maryland State Standards that CCPS and CCCTC cannot alter.
  6. The "Award of Excellence" and "Certificate of Achievement" awarded at the end of each program are based on grades and attendance.  Students are recognized for these accomplishments at the CCCTC certificate ceremonies at the end of each class.